About Us

The Transformation 

The Transformation is a political movement with the sole purpose of uniting Nigerians from across all divides and seizing political power in Nigeria through democratic means to build a great, modern, and prosperous nation based on the centrality of justice, law, and order, using The Green Manifesto and a New Constitution as its twin tools. The Transformation has set a target of capturing at least eighty (80) percent of all elective offices in Nigeria in 2023, including the office of the President. The Transformation believes that only by seizing control of majority of political power across all tiers of government in Nigeria can it lay a strong and decisive foundation needed to usher Nigeria into an era of stability, transparency, and prosperity. 



Membership of The Transformation is open to every Nigerian citizen and those legally resident in Nigeria who are eligible to participate in the electoral process. However, every aspiring member of the Transformation must make some denunciations and pledges as contained in the application form. In addition, anyone who has held an elective political position in Nigeria is barred from holding a position of trust and responsibility in The Transformation unless they commit to wholly and fully refunding any funds they may have misappropriated or can demonstrate that they never misappropriated any fund while holding the elective position. The admittance of a Nigerian who has held an appointive political position into a position of trust and responsibility in The Transformation is based on their merit of which their historical financial probity shall be their strongest measure.